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Dental Select is one of the country’s largest privately-held dental insurance companies; you can trust that you’re going to get the customer service and commitment that’s been our hallmark since the day we opened our doors in 1989. That’s who we are. That’s Dental Select.

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Why Dental Insurance

Did you know dental health is a key element to your overall health? With a good insurance plan, you are achieving more than clean teeth; you are protecting your overall health for years to come.

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Using Your Benefits

After you sign up, we give you simplified access and tools to manage your dental plan. Let us give you a tour on how to find choose a dentist, log in to the web portal, download our app or request a pre-determination of benefits.

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Dental Select offers more than 200,000 in-network or contracted access points nationwide. Use the link below to find a local provider near you.

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Know a great dentist or specialist who isn’t in our nationwide provider network? Fill out the form below and we’ll invite them to join.

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Understanding Dental

We understand that insurance lingo doesn’t always make sense and we want your dental benefits to be clear as crystal before you sign up. Check out answers to commonly asked questions and explanations of key dental terms.


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Save more with discounted rates from providers on Dental Select’s Silver Network. This is a fee-for-service plan, not an insured product. Available in Texas only.


Generally the most affordable of our insured plans. No annual maximums, short waiting periods and all co-payments are fixed. Available in Utah and Texas only.


Our traditional Coinsurance plan offers standard coverage levels for in and out-of-network services, including 100% coverage on routine exams, cleanings, and x-rays.

Coinsurance +

All of the benefits of our Coinsurance plan, plus shorter waiting periods and lower annual deductibles. Includes a 50% orthodontic benefit for children aged 18 and under.