Graduating Annual Maximum Benefit Increases

Dental Select’s MaxRewards feature offers groups of 2 or more enrolled, increasing max benefits over time to a maximum of $2,000.

Groups can choose their starting maximum, which will then be used as the base amount for the annual increases on an employee’s effective date.

Starting Options: $1,000, $1,250 or $1,500
Eligible Plan Types: Co-Insurance plans only; PPO R&C or PPO MAC
Network Option: Gold or Platinum

Plan Features

Understanding MaxRewards

  • Annual maximum automatically increases yearly up to $2000
  • Applies to preventive, basic and major services
  • Flexible network coverage that delivers quality and choice nationwide
  • Dependents receive the same increases as the employee
  • The longer employees stay on a plan, the more they can accumulate
  • Members have the greatest out-of-pocket savings advantage when receiving care from a contracted provider


What are the starting maximums?

Standard starting maximums of $1000, $1250, and $1500 with additional options available.

Who will receive these maximums?

Employees and enrolled family members.

What take-overs are available?

Maximum and deductible takeovers will be accommodated upon request.

How do I add this to my already existing plan?

Simply contact your broker or Dental Select account rep to add the MaxRewards feature at renewal at no extra cost.