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As an insurance broker, we know you have many options when it comes to choosing a carrier. So why choose us? That’s simple—we make selling easy.

Why Quote with Dental Select

Large Nationwide Network

With over 200,000 access points to choose from, Dental Select has one of the largest nationwide networks. This means less provider disruption and more in-network coverage. Currently, we offer dental plans in 44 states and vision plans in 30 states—and we aren’t done yet. Dental Select is continually adding plans across the country.

Flexible Plan Designs

We believe in choices. One of our unique offerings includes a $5,000 annual maximum for down to two lives.

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Flexible Effective Dates

We work around your client groups. They can choose mid-month dates, and they can also tie it to a medical renewal.

Pick Your Commissions

What would you like your percentage to be? Let us know and we’ll build it in for you.

Exceptional Personal Service

We deeply care about each of our group’s experiences. Our goal is to provide exceptional solutions for customers, partners, and consumers. So when your client needs something, we will do what it takes to address their needs in a quick, efficient manner.

Get More with MaxRewards

Also known as an Automatic Maximum benefit increase, this feature is included with Coinsurance plans for no additional cost. For groups of 10 or more enrolled, increasing max benefits will accumulate to $2,000 automatically.

Groups as Small as 2

Have a group with little participation? Dental Select can handle that. We require only two lives for voluntary co-pay groups. And groups over 20 only need five lives to participate. For voluntary groups, there are no participation requirements.

Competitive Rates and Plans

With affordable rates and flexible benefits, our plans are consistently competitive on all industries. Some appealing aspects include:

  • Our contributory rates are available at a deep discount for just 50% of employee only contribution.
  • Our co-pay plans include positive elements of what a DHMO plan offers, while eliminating the worst – at a comparable price point.
  • We are the only scheduled plan that offers an out of network payment; we have street rates available for up to 100 lives.
  • We are not on every competitor’s spreadsheet, which allows you a product and price differentiator.

Discount Vision Plan Included

With every dental plan, new or renewal, discount vision is included for no additional premium. The EyeMed vision care network will give members access to discounts at more than 22,000 locations nationwide.

Get Appointed

Become an appointed broker with Dental Select. Complete the required agreement documents and have your license(s) prepared to attach. For assistance contact Christina at 801-313-7103. This form is applicable to all states.

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Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

You’re busy, we get it. Free up some of your valuable time and receive funds electronically by taking advantage of EFT commission payments. Set up is simple, and you’ll get secure payments deposited while you’re working on doing what you do best.

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Submitting Quotes

Getting a customized quote should be quick and painless—that’s where we come in. With complete information, no matter what group size, we’ll work closely with you to provide competitive rates and the fastest turnaround possible.

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Product Information

Complete the form below to request marketing product materials. Or, click here to request a personalized link to offer our Individual products directly from your website.

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